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Affordable, Scalable and Green Desalination Technologies

Water scarcity is one of UN's 17 sustainable  development goals for 2030. The challenge is that only 2.5% of the world's water supply is freshwater while 97.5% is seawater (saline water).

Imagine if you could turn saline water into drinking water quality in a green and cost-efficient way. This is what CowaTech technology aspires to do.


About Us

CowaTech is developing affordable and scalable green solutions for desalination of saline water. The novel technology is patented and will provide desalination solutions in a range of applications from bottle solutions to large industrial plants.

The technology is based on research performed at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) by Professor Jiwoong Lee and his team.

CowaTech ApS was founded in August 2018.

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Our technology

CowaTech focuses on bringing a completely new and highly innovative desalination principle to market. The technology is a novel method to convert saline water into drinking water by using organic molecules and limited use of energy. The organic materials are recyclable, making this technology highly environmentally sustainable.


Current Application Areas for CowaTech

Glass Water Bottle

Emergency Desalinator Bottles

Methods for providing freshwater near/on seawater can be critical in case of an emergency.

CowaTech is developing emergency desalinators for use in life-rafts and life-boats, by boaters, hikers and military troops, and in civil crisis situations.

Industrial Water Treatment

Today, industry worldwide accounts for roughly 20% of the global freshwater consumption and most of this is for use in energy production and manufacturing. As freshwater scarcity and depletion of renewable freshwater sources are critical issues in most parts of the world, development of new and more efficient water technologies to improve industrial water management is of great importance.

CowaTech is developing energy-efficient desalination of high- and low-concentration saline water streams and brine.

Chemical Plant
Iron Tap

Large Scale Facilities

Today, large-scale desalination for potable water is primarily performed by reverse osmosis (RO). However, these processes depend on the use of high-intensity energy sources which, combined with high-maintenance, lead to high costs.

CowaTech is developing a pre-treatment solution to reduce salt load at the inlet to the RO facilities. This would significantly reduce energy consumption, increase capacity of current RO facilities, thereby reducing overall cost.

Glasses of Water

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