Our why: the water scarcity challenge

By 2025, the UN expects that 14% of the world's population will encounter water scarcity, and by 2050, this could increase to 3 billion people. 

At the same time, we are surrounded by an untapped water opportunity:

the oceans, seas and brackish water! 


97.5% of the world's water resources is saline water, and almost 40% of the world's population live within a
100 km. range of a sea.

In support of UN's  Sustainable Development Goal #6, we aspire to make water desalination affordable and  scalable while leaving a low carbon footprint with our novel and innovative technology.

Our technology
and its applications

Our desalination technology is based on a  recyclable, organic compound (diamine), which  captures salt (NaCl) in water 'like a sponge' when activated by insertion of CO2 to the water and with no other energy source required.

At present, our lead candidate can  within minutes, in lab scale,  ensure 89% salinity reduction in the first cycle of desalination, and  99.6% salinity reduction in two cycles. This is based on a starting sample salinity level of 35 g/L  where drinking water quality (<0.6 g/L) is obtained after two cycles.

Reducing water salinity has various applications from e.g. producing potable water to industrial waste water treatment and brine handling. 

Ongoing projects and outlook

Currently, CowaTech is pursuing two grant-funded development projects.

One is a project with the aim of developing a bottle-sized  prototype
(1 liter) for individuals or small groups in need of a desalination solution when either hiking, boating, or for emergency back-up situations.

The other is a project aiming at providing more comprehensive  experimental data at larger-than-lab scale enabling an eco-efficiency evaluation of our technology as well as a tox assessment for industrial use.

Based on the project outcomes, matching partners and investors will be approached in second half of 2020.

About us

CowaTech ApS was established in August 2018 with the purpose of developing an affordable, scalable and green water desalination technology to address the world's water scarcity challenge.


Our first goal is to take the technology from lab scale to demonstration-model stage for a range of applications from bottle size to large, industrial plants together with selected industry partners. 

The desalination technology is based on research performed at the University of Copenhagen by ass. professor Jiwoong Lee at the Department of Chemistry and is patented and fully assigned to CowaTech. 

The diverse founder team is intact and represents complementary scientific, IP, commercial, legal, financial and project management competencies as well as a mix of genders and nationalities.


In addition, CowaTech is supported by a network of water technology experts and has early on established close dialogues with a number of potential customers who have shown interest in the technology. This input has been extremely valuable in guiding us towards a commercially viable development plan for our technology in the various application areas.

CowaTech is currently funded by grants from Innovation Fund Denmark and The Danish Environmental Agency, supported by access to lab and office facilities at AquaPorin A/S, in-kind help from experts, and own founder resources. Thanks to all of you for your invaluable support!

Contact us

CowaTech ApS

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Lab and office facilities are kindly provided to us
by AquaPorin A/S:
Nymøllevej 78, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark

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