Desalination of sea water or brackish water is one of the permanent solutions for securing potable water supply for the world's populations going forward.


Although reverse osmosis (RO) implemented with membrane materials, the current the state-of-the-art-technology, can provide efficient desalination, a more energy-neutral and cost-efficient process is yet to be developed to enable broader application.

In CowaTech, we are initially focusing on achieving proof-of-concept data for our core technology before narrowing into specific application areas.


There appears to be many application areas from bottle-sized solutions, industrial water treatment and brine handling, to pre-treament in RO-facilities producing potable water, and many other areas, which has come to our attention along our development journey.

Below, we have described the main application areas that we are presently pursuing for our technology.

Bottle-sized desalinator for emergency or
back-up use
Desalination of high and low concentration saline water streams and brine in industry
Pre-treatment for
plant-size RO-facilities producing potable water
Chemical Plant
desal plant.jpg