Ongoing development projects

Canva - Person Scooping Water Using Gree
A bottle-sized desalination solution for hikers and emergency situations
Timing: Nov 2019-Nov 2020; supported by an #InnoBooster grant

In cooperation with Kapacitet A/S, a Danish R&D Engineering consultancy, we are developing a prototype bottle-sized (1L) solution for brackish- and seawater desalination for use when hiking, boating or as back-up in emergency situations. 

Scientist on Computer
Eco-efficiency, toxicity and scalability evaluation of our desalination technology
Timing: Oct 2019-Apr 2021; supported by a #MUDP grant

Based on feedback from potential partners, we have designed a development project and experimental lab plan to, in-larger-than-lab-scale, produce data to enable an eco-efficiency, toxicity and scalability evaluation of our technology. Further, we will use the data to develop a virtual 3D technology model to enable us to determine the optimal design parameters for our technology.

Canva - Light Bulbs Turned on.jpg
Optimization of the regeneration process for our desalination technology
Timing: Jul 2020-Apr 2021; own funding

We expect to be able to re-use the filter under development in the bottle-sized desalination solution project for further experiments enabling new regeneration data and optimizations. This is a essential to enable a competitive COGS for our technology.