Who we are

We are a dedicated team of founders that have worked since early 2018 to mature our ground-breaking technology; supported in-kind by numerous partners and water industry experts.


Between us and our partners we hold a wide range of skills and expertise which we daily use to bring CowaTech ApS forward. 

Ass. Prof. Jiwoong Lee
Founder, inventor and CSO
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Background: PhD in Chemistry 2013, Magna cum laude.

Expertise: organic chemistry.

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Peter Horn Møller
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
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Background: PhD in biochemistry.

Expertise: IP and business development. 

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Dr. Teresa Oliveira
Co-founder and advisor
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Background: PhD in organic chemistry.

Expertise: science and product development.

Camilla de Thiersant
Co-founder and CEO
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Background: MSc Business Administration.

Expertise: execution, strategy, general management.

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Svend Licht
Co-founder and advisor
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Background: chemical engineering and exec. MBA.

Expertise: business development and finance.

Lars Gotthold Vinum
Student worker

Trainee from May to September 2020. Student worker from Oct.

Background: Bachelor student in chemical engineering at AAU.